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The Problem
Now-a-days as computers have become an essential part of our daily lives, it is increasingly important that data security is also placed front and center on our list of priorities. Mainly in the healthcare industry, where thoughts are often focused on saving someone’s life and rightly so but, securing access to interfaces and computer systems that store private data like medical records is also an essential factor to consider. Data security is a corresponding action between controlling access to information while allowing free and easy access to those who need that information.

Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data it is vital for healthcare providers to have a robust and reliable information security service in place. The strategies should not only react and protect the healthcare data, but also predict and prevent any assaults launched by cyber criminals. In the recent years, cyber criminals are interested in the electronic medical records as the black-market rate for this kind of information is much higher than the credit card numbers or bank account passwords.

This trend might be surprising, but the reasons are quite obvious. Altogether, the data in the electronic medical records contains patients’ names, their dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, places of work and positions, IDs, card numbers, medical and social insurance. Stealing of such information can lead to a complete identity theft, rather than just a one-time bank hack.

Despite all the vulnerabilities healthcare data security encounters in the age of technology, there are ways to mitigate these risks. Similar to any other type of organization, medical facilities need data protection from dangers like; targeted attacks and hacking, virus infiltration, employee actions committed due to illiteracy or with a purpose to steal medical records.

The Solution
CQ Simple understands that the faster you can detect and respond to a cyberattack, the better. That is why we offer a solution to ensure you have a proactive security and risk mitigation strategy in place, whatever the size of your organization.

Over the last five years CQ Simple’s sister company (CQ Research, Development & Technology, Inc.) has been aggressively working on a solution for the ever-increasing demand for a reliable, transparent and user based security solution that proactively excels above all other available solutions to date.


ARGOS UBS (User Based Security) is deployed as a transparent service; it is a simple solution requiring a simple redirect to the ARGOS servers. This makes it simple to set up and manage. ARGOS also allows you to monitor, control and protect your business and users against command and control (botnet) attacks, online threats, targeted attacks, hacking, virus infiltration, ransomware, malware, phishing, and other threats simply by applying our security policies. ARGOS is the only provider in the industry using security threat analysis powered by A.I. and machine learning. This allows us to keep our security threat data updated and pushed down to your networks in real time, so you are always protected from zero-day attacks and new vulnerabilities. ARGOS UBS is fully HIPPA compliant!

Flexible policy creation
Using ARGOS UBS, you can easily create and manage your own policy to protect your users, including whitelists and blacklists of URL’s and domains. ARGOS UBS offers a comprehensive ability to block domains based on content as well as any security threats that they pose. It also supports Safe Search options so that only appropriate content is displayed in search results. Content Categories are the fastest way to block large swaths of undesirable domains. For example, blocking the “Social Networking” category will block Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Customers have access to a full suite of predefined reports on user or group activity. Real time browsing activity can also be viewed.

Roaming Devices
ARGOS is Perfect for BYOD environments where employees use multiple devices on and off site. ARGOS UBS offers you extensive web filtering to bring powerful enterprise filtering to all your users, regardless of their location.

Fantastic Support
CQRDT is extremely customer focused. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating products and services that excel above our competition. Our knowledgeable and technically competent support staff ensures you always get the answers you need when you need them.

Our Commitment to You
In pursuit of excellence CQRDT focuses on customer opinion / feedback for all of our products. We strive to improve our existing product line and constantly invest in new and improved features. Please let us know if there is anything you feel would improve our products and services.

CQ Research, Development & Technology, Inc. is a research company that develops security hardware & software for business. Our on-premises and UBS products offer protection for business against the modern threats that businesses face from email and Internet usage. Our goal is to simplify the intricate world of internet security for our customers. This goal has driven our business since our start in 1997 and today we have thousands of customers supported by a committed team of professionals who are focused on delivering the best products and services for companies who require solid security products for their business.

CQ Research, Development & Technology, Inc. is a privately owned with operations in the United States.

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If you are interested in learning more about ARGOS UBS, please reach out to us by phone or email and one of our experienced sales engineers will take time to fully answer any questions you may have.

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