Executive Summary
CQ Research, Development & Technology

There is one recognizably overwhelming problem in the world today.

That problem is the illegal theft of confidential data. It is being encountered by governments, business and ordinary people every day. All confidential data is subject to being attacked. Hacker attempts are constantly increasing in frequency and becoming greater in size and scope.

However, this problem didn’t just occur. It has been around since the ‘30’s when German engineers invented an encoding machine called “Enigma”. It was a mechanical device capable of re-arranging codes instantly by simply changing internal cams to cloak their military’s communications. It worked brilliantly for them until an English decoding team broke the entire code after the Battle of Britain allowing complete access to all of Germany’s strategic and tactical communications.
However, Enigma’s code didn’t just disappear after the war. In fact, it is still ensconced within every standard encryption protocol being used today. Modern cryptologists have just never bothered to develop a new code. They simply took the original Enigma and digitized it. Enigma then virtually became the Standard Encryption Code used everywhere in the world. All updated versions put in place since have continued to use Enigma as their basis. The only thing different involved for each update was the addition of more linear volume to the equation to try to mask it. No one has ever bothered to develop a new code. All hackers ever needed to do to counter the extra volume was to install more computer processing power to breach each new update. As a matter of fact, all new protocol versions have been broken by hackers within a matter of minutes.

Computer manufacturers then began a race to stay ahead of the hackers by building ever faster and more powerful computers to stay ahead. But in fact, the hackers were not stopped in any way. They just purchased newer, faster and more powerful computers to decode the increased volumes being put forward. There literally has never been any secure data encryption.

Almost limitless Quantum Computing Processing Power does indeed exist now, but hackers will not be stopped by this technology either. They will simply purchase their own Quantum Computers to have trillions of times more processing power than was ever available before. As a result, the prospect of simply adding volume to the coding equation will no longer work. A new approach to cyber security must be developed

Enter Argos

Everyone in the world has been waiting for decades for a real solution…Argos has it.

Argos takes a totally different direction than has ever been tried before. It doesn’t rely on linear processing power in any fashion or form to protect data. Actually, Argos uses orders of magnitude less processing power to operate than anything else being utilized today. Argos is fully operable using something as insignificant as an obsolete IBM 286 laptop.

It begins as an entirely separate and independent internet. Entry can’t be achieved into the network through inadvertently open ports or IoT side or back doors by simply stealing a password or using tricks. It creates a uniquely separate approach to internet entry or exit which is then protected by Argos protocol. There are no weak points for hackers to penetrate. Entrance or exit of the internet must meet all of Argos requirements or be rejected.

Argos has multiple levels of authentication and verifications which interlock interacting criteria in a way that hackers have never faced before. There are no passwords for hackers to even begin to use. There are no side or back doors into a clients account. Argos cannot be spoofed, misdirected or misled. Hackers can even be given the account’s IP address….and Argos will still reject them.

,The world spends huge amounts of time, money and effort trying to protect confidential data. Studies have been done which estimate the amount being spent for securing confidential data systems, equipment and labor is as much as $27 Trillion per year. That, of course, encompasses everything involved with the data security market including software, data storage, security breach liabilities, loss of business revenue, capital equipment, security programs and services, consulting, facilities and manpower. According to financial reports, Wall Street’s Chase Bank alone spends over 4 Billion dollars per year on cyber security. CQ’s team indicates that Argos security will actually reduce cyber security costs for clients.

With the rapid growth of “The Internet of Things”, almost everything everyone owns is virtually open to hackers and can be used by them to penetrate confidential data stored within credit card companies and banks. The world cannot ignore any longer that everyone’s confidential information is so easily be breached. It is absolutely imperative that the IoT issue be resolved immediately. It is the side and back door that hackers will thrive upon if not resolved quickly.

With the increased speeds of computing and the advent of Quantum computing, secure communication is absolutely no longer possible without a new approach. The concept of location-based encryption was developed with just such a thought in mind, but only worked for the recipient of the message. Argos encompasses a new geo-qualification protocol that will allow static, mobile or even autonomous nodes to communicate in a secure bi-directional manner. CQ’s cipher text can only be deciphered when the transmission acquired from the sender matches with the target authentication’s instructions. The result is that CQ’s Argos multiple authentication interlocking requirements can guarantee 100% security and confidentiality of any data transmission, reception and/or storage. Even if a hacker knows the account address they wish to breach, Argos still will not permit them entry into its system without completing all of the multiple requirements. It can’t be spoofed, misled, misdirected or circumvented. Nothing is allowed in or out that is not fully authorized and accepted by Argos.

Argos is now poised to grow as quickly as Microsoft’s Office program did in the beginning. It requires that all clients, and their customer’s, supplier’s and their supplier’s suppliers must function under its protocol. The potential of Argos becoming viral definitely exists.

CQ Research & Development Technology has completed their initial working prototype. We have thought about using it to demonstrate Argos capabilities by challenging hackers worldwide to try to breach it. After hackers fail to meet the challenge, CQ Research and Development Technology expects their phones will start ringing. However, CQ’s team of experts isn’t going to stand still. The research team will continue working diligently to fortify and enhance their encryption/authorization protocol even further.

CQ Research & Development is currently considering initial licensing of Argos to government, military and financial entities. An initial revenue stream is already being generated through the transfer of existing CQ Simple customers to CQ Research & Development Technology Inc.’s data center.

CQ RDT’s strategy is to approach the marketplace from both the top and bottom in a pincer type movement. The concept of an entirely separate and independent internet lends itself to accepting clients at either end of the market spectrum. However, the viral nature of Argos also indicates CQ RDT will then have a need to increase the size and scope of facilities, equipment and technical staffing in order to accommodate sales, marketing and support requirements. CQ RDT intends to seek out potential partners with a worldwide presence and greater financial resources to help support the anticipated growth potential. The viral nature of Argos does create a need for greater working capital and marketing resources availability to ensure success.

Completing coding of the last four pillars of Argos will require an additional $3 Million and 90-180 days to complete coding. Afterwards, estimated funding needed to position and execute the marketing strategy is projected at $200 Million. Time to capture the market and achieve break even is estimated at 9-18 months. Afterwards, Argos will be self sustaining and in a position to garner an additional 20% per year of the worldwide market in each of the following 4 years. Discussions are being solicited with select parties indicating interest in proceeding forward with the strategic plan.